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Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Vero Beach's Southeast Secure Shredding Is The Right Choice

Not all shredding companies are equal...7 Questions to ask any shredding company.

1. Are there written policies and procedures and do advertised claims match what is practiced?
It is easy to make claims and promises when there is no one checking.

As a NAID Certified Contractor, since 2004, Southeast Secure Shredding has gone beyond claims and promises by submitting to a close examination of every aspect of our security. While NAID sets the criteria for certification, an impartial, independent security professional conducts the actual annual audit. Part of the documents reviewed is our policy and procedure manual, employment records, promotional materials, logs and paperwork to verify that we continually meet the stringent certification requirements. Facility security, monitoring systems, destruction equipment and access control systems must also stand up to the auditor's inspection.

2. Who handles my confidential documents?
The growing number of laws and regulations requiring information protection emphasize the responsibility to make careful decisions about how data is handled and who handles it.

Southeast Secure Shredding employees undergo random drug screening, intensive employment history verification and criminal background checks (performed by a third party contractor), sign a confidentiality agreement and must pass a FBI Data Protection exam.
By selecting Southeast Secure Shredding, a NAID Certified Contractor, you demonstrate that you have made your choice about information protection with care, diligence and respect for the law.

3. Are you AAA Certified by NAID?
Most shredding companies in Florida are NAID members (approx. 70 members) and claim to abide by NAID's Code of Ethics but very few (only 6 in the state of Florida) are Certified for plant based shredding operations.

Southeast Secure Shredding has held NAID AAA Certification since 2004 for both plant based and mobile shredding operations.

4. If your a NAID member why aren't you certified?
In fact, just like joining your local Chamber of Commerce, all it takes is a 2 page application and a $545.00 check for 1 years dues to become a NAID member. However, the requirements for becoming NAID Certified is much more detailed and requires a more significant investment in equipment and resources.
Here's a summary of what's required to just apply for NAID certification (as outlined in NAID's 27 page Certification Program manual):

1. As described above in question 2 all employees including officers, owners, partners etc. must undergo random drug screening, intensive employment history verification and criminal background checks, sign a confidentiality agreement and must pass a FBI Data Protection exam.
2. Annual random employee criminal searches.
3. Policies and Procedures Manual
4. Sign in logs - all visitors must sign the visitor log and must be escorted at all times while in the plant.
5. Monitored alarm system
6. Closed circuit camera system monitoring all access points and are able to clearly identify individuals and their activities (recorded and available for at least 90 days)
7. Much, Much More!

5. Are materials destroyed in an appropriate time frame?
Some shredding companies pre-sort your documents into different recycling paper grades prior to shredding. This process can delay the shredding of your documents for several days, if not weeks leaving your papers vulnerable...

Southeast Secure Shredding does not pre-sort your documents. Whether its manila folders, copy paper, report covers etc. it is all shredded together and done within 3 business days as dictated by our NAID certification.

6. How do you dispose of the shredded paper?
It's a common practice for "mobile" shredding companies to make a run to the local land fill at the end of the day...

Southeast Secure Shredding collects the shredded paper from its mobile and plant based operations and bales it into 1,400 pound bales, which is then sent off to be recycled.

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